Canicross ... the sport of running cross country  with your dog.

Essex Tail and Trail Runners is an incredible team of dedicated dog owners, who get up in the early hours to run with their dogs in cold, wet and muddy conditions all winter long. And this is why they do it ...

”I love running with my crazy Cockapoo Monty, it keeps us both fit. I’ve not long moved to the area and was introduced to ETTR by a friend. Everyone made me feel so welcome and it has been great to share my love of trail running with Monty with like minded people. I also have the added benefit of exploring the area and appreciating all the beautiful surrounding woodlands.”

“I started running with Blyton to strengthen our bond- she is a rescue stray from Greece. She is a bit unreliable off lead but I want her to be able to run! This way we both have fun. She loves to have a sprint and then falls into a pace that suits us both. Blyton is quite a cuddly dog but after a run, she is always extra affectionate and seems very content. We love to be running through trails enjoying our time together.”

“Lupo is energetic and has a high prey drive. I love Pizza and Ice Cream. Canicross helps us both out and created an amazing bond between us.”

“Having two doggies that aren’t great off the lead, canicross gives them and me lots of exercise and socialisation skills when we meet up with everyone on the ETTR group.”

“Woody has lots of noise issues and running with him in a group gives him lots of confidence. He also loves it and its lovely to see the relationship the dogs build with each other. I love the bond we have and the fun and exploration we have on the trails ... And now I’ve introduced the mad Tim the terror to running too!”

 “Jaxon is an anxious boy - he is nervous of the outside world at one point wouldn’t even walk out the front door. After taking it back to basics with him it was suggested to me to try canicross with him. It has helped him no end his confidence grows with each run - I would say he has become a keen runner.”

“Millie is a rescue dog and her recall is poor so canicross is perfect for us both as she gets to have some exercise and I love running so being able to run with her is great fun and definitely makes me run faster!”

“I love running with my dogs.  The fun side is incredible, the bonding and understanding between myself and my four legged furbies leaves me lost for words...”



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