Founder and Group Leader

In 2017, with her German Shepherd Woody, Pippa set up ETTR with the goal of creating an all inclusive sociable running group.  Many miles later Woody retired happy with his vast collection of medals. In her spare time Pippa has completed a diploma in canine behaviour from the British College of Canine Studies.  She is currenlty training with ISCP for a diploma in canine behaviour and training.  She has done various courses with Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, School of Canine Science and Canine Principles. She is experienced in training her dogs in rally obedience, agility and hoopers.  Pippa has completed courses in: canine aggression, anxiety, scentwork, massage, the Canine Touch and various courses with the IMDT namely; career as a dog trainer, perfect puppy, and practical instructor.  She is a qualified canine hydrotherapist and dog groomer.  There is no doubt that dogs are Pippa's first love. Pippa continues to run the club with another of her dogs a speedy spaniel who loves nothing more than running with his canine friends.


Run Leader and Treasurer

Co-Founder and former dog trainer Sam supported Pippa in the set-up of ETTR. For years Sam and her beautiful dog Zara would run with best friends Pippa and Woody. On one of those runs ETTR was created. Sam has incredible commitment to the club particularly supporting new members and she brings a wealth of dog handling experience.


Run Leader and Secretary

Josanne and her beautiful pointers are founding members of ETTR.  This team of three run with unrelenting determination. When she is the run leader you finish her runs feeling like you have really achieved something.  Josanne brings with her many years of running and professional dog handling experience.  She is also our qualified canine first aider.


Run Leader and Vice Chair

Facing the trails head on is Allison and her beautiful cockerpoo Jasper.  As run leader she takes us on some of the most adventurous and picturesque runs. She stays calm and confident in every situation and is always offering to help the club in anyway she can. Allison is a valued member of ETTR.  Running straight through every muddy puddle they see, Allison and Jasper are a fearless duo on the trails.



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